Everyday our team works to understand and embrace the mission of each of our clients. Through this approach we maintain and grow our position as a premier electrical contractor in the Metro DC area.

 To produce the highest quality product within an efficient and safe manner.
 To provide a positive and professional client experience.
 To uphold the highest standards of accountability and ethics.

Core Values:


sean boganBOGAN & Chief Operating Officer

Part of B&A’s success in greatly because of Dennis strong work ethic and the next Bogan generation, DENNIS “Sean” Bogan. From 1999-2004, Sean worked for one of the top five merit shops in California and rose quickly throughout the company. He equates his hard work, dedication and the experiences of worked all the positions within the field to the company’s success today. When he returned from California took an active role as Bogan & Associates’ newest Chief Operating Officer and continues to lead the company’s success.
Additionally, Sean has a strong commitment to the training and education of the current work force and developing the skilled workforce to meet future needs.

Thus, Sean carries several certifications including:

  • Maryland Master Electrician’s License
  • NICET level 2 fire alarm certification
  • CCER certified craft instructor.